Interested in being a snowbird or buying your retirement home early? If you?re not ready to move onto a boat in Florida full time, we offer complete vacation rental management for our Floating Bungalows. What does that mean for you? Come stay as long as you want. When you leave, we will list your Floating Bungalow on vacation websites, book guests, maintain your Bungalow, clean between guests, welcome guests, and be their point of contact during their stay. Our current vacation rates are $159/night or $950/week plus $100 cleaning fee and 11% tax. You pay us a small percentage only when the Floating Bungalow is rented. This is not a monthly fee.


Our Rental History We began renting our Floating Bungalow in March 2015. Our rental history at Boat Tree Marina in Sanford Florida is as follows:


Occupancy Rate
Gross Income
March Actual
April Actual
May Actual
June Actual
July Actual
August Anticipated
September Anticipated
October Anticipated
November Anticipated
December Anticipated
January Anticipated
February Booked
*Based on applying variations of local average occupancy rates to Floating Bungalow actual rates of March ? July.

Our occupancy rate for the five month period that we have been renting is 43.4% with a gross income for this same period of $13,850. Our first year revenue projection is $33,400 with an anticipated 20% growth in 2016 and an additional 10% gross in 2017**.

Based on this we are projecting:

Gross Revenue Year 1 - $33,400
Gross Revenue Year 2 - $40,080

Gross Revenue Year 3 - $44,088

Gross Revenue Year 4 - $44,088

Gross Revenue Year 5 - $44,088


Anticipated five year gross revenue: $205,736


**Our understanding is that a large percentage of vacation rentals are from referrals and repeat guests. This is one reason we are anticipating an increase in occupancy rate after Year One.




Yes, one of our Floating Bungalows is privately owned and rented by Floating Cottage LLC. It is located at Boat Tree Marina in Sanford Florida and is available for short and long term vacation rentals.  

For vacation information contact or click here.

I have talked to people who are exploring Floating Bungalows as an opportunity for a full-time, full-year vacation rental business. These individuals are strictly looking at the ROI and tax benefits of pursuing this as an entrepreneurial venture. I’ve also met with individuals who are exploring Floating Bungalows as an opportunity to own their own vacation home – with a plan of vacationing on the water and renting it out when they aren’t using it. Lastly, I’ve met with individuals who are using the vacation rental opportunities to make money on their future retirement home.

Whatever you are considering renting your Floating Bungalow, this is a great time for owning a vacation rental. Companies like Airbnb and HomeAway offer systems of marketing and admin structure that make it possible for owners to tap into vacationers from around the globe! Talk about hitting an “easy button”!

Renting a Floating Bungalow is not like any other vacation rental property out there. Floating Bungalows are fun, unusual, and playful. This results in high demand and high profitability. In fact, Floating Bungalows rent for between 63% and 300% of the average 2 bed vacation rental on land.

I have data and ROI projections on several areas of the state and am happy to share that information on request. I'm happy to assist you in thinking through this option and have created  "How to Turn Your Floating Bungalow into a Successful Rental Business Manual" to provide you additional information and support.

Are floating bungalows a good investment as vacation rental property?

Are There any Available For Vacation Rentals?


Nancy D. said... Best little house! 
What a spectacular little house! The space was planned brilliantly, so it feels much bigger than it is – all brand new, lovely colors, comfortable bed. There is a full-sized refrigerator and a five-burner gas stove, so you could cook like you do at home. The porch is deep enough that you could sit out there with friends late into the evening, right on the water. My husband is an architect, and we couldn't really find anything we would change about this house! I would highly recommend this rental to everyone except the very young (might fall overboard) or someone who has trouble climbing stairs (they are a little steep).

Alaskan G. said… Great stay! 
We really enjoyed our week here. The bungalow is really well designed, snug and cozy with all the comforts of home in a very compact space. It is clean, well furnished and even stocked with some condiments in the kitchen and soft drinks in the fridge. The marina is a very quiet area, with boats at no-wake speed and the deli is especially convenient for quick breakfasts. The owners met us with a key, showed us the layout, then left us to ourselves. The one extra thing we requested they delivered within an hour. Perfect.

Shari B. said...Our friends are jealous! 
My husband could hardly wait to stay at this Floating Bungalow. Our friends keep asking to see the pictures. The house was clean, beautiful, comfortable and unique. My husband got up early each morning to fish off the dock while I enjoyed sitting on the front porch looking at the water and feeding the turtles. This property is at the bottom of a steep ramp that led to the dock, so bring a rolling suitcase and cooler for easier transport of your stuff. 

Mountain LVR said...Perfect stay!   
We have always wanted to stay on a houseboat. One of the owners met us onsite and gave us instruction on how to use the features of the boat. It really is a floating home with a full kitchen and bath. It had everything you could possibly need for any length of stay. We really enjoyed sitting on the back porch relaxing and doing a good bit of fishing. We spent most of our time there! Everyone we met at the marina was very nice and friendly. Shopping was close by as well as lots of places to eat. There is a small deli onsite that serves a great breakfast and lunch. This place is a nice alternative to sitting in a hotel room. It was enough space for the 3 of us since the sofa opened up into a double bed. If we are ever in that area again, we would stay here again.