2019 Product Catalog - Our newest list of Bungalows and pricing

About Us and Product Info - An extended look at who we are and how we build

“Float Friendly” Marinas information - Marinas that have specifically viewed and would welcome our unique boats

The Buying Process - An overview of what the process looks like to purchase you’re Bungalow

General Specifications Sheet - A one page sheet detailing the specs of our Floating Bungalows

Hurricane Information - Learn about how our Bungalows are designed to combat hurricanes

Tax Considerations - Take a look at the possible tax benefits of purchasing your own Bungalow

Letter of Insurability - A letter from our insurance broker showing that these Bungalows are completely insurable

A Word on Maintenance - Learn about the maintenance differences between a Floating Bungalow and a more “traditional” boat

Packet to Show Marinas - A good resource if you’re looking to give a marina (or even a friend) some general info on our Bungalows

Turnkey Packaging Information - Learn about the option to have your bungalow “turn key ready”

Vacation Rental Information - Contact us for access to useful information if you are looking to purchase a Bungalow as a rental