Pricing of your Floating Bungalow varies depending on a number of factors. Exterior model, interior layout, furnishing, move-in ready packaging, upgrades, and number of purchases all come in to play. Currently, our cheapest model starts at $200,000 and the most expensive model fully furnished, move-in ready sits at $300,000.

For anyone curious about the cost of a specific model:

How the buying process works:

At Floating Bungalows we recognize the different time frames our customers are looking at. You may be four years out before retirement and are looking at your options or you may have just listed your house for sale and need to find a quick solution. Still others have had this dream forever, and some for only a week. We want you to know that above all else we are here to help you!

A couple questions to ask yourself…

  1. Do I know where I would like to put my Bungalow?

  2. Do I need financing?

  3. What will I use my Floating Bungalow for primarily?

  4. When do I need it by?

when you are ready…